--H Blue Mail System--

Using a Mail Client program such as "Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird"

you can connect to the "H Blue Mail System" by configuring your mail client with the following


NOTE:You must have an account on this system prior to attempting to connect

NOTE:You may be presented with a Security Certificate from hbluemachine.com, you have to

Accept the certificate when presented in order to use connect to the mail server

Incoming Server Settings

Select Account type: "IMAP" / Mail Server Type "IMAP"

Mail Server Name: hbluemachine.com

Select port: 993

Connection Security: SSL/TLS

Outgoing Server Settings

Server Name: hbluemachine.com

Select port: 465

Authentication Type: Norrmal

Connection Security: SSL/TLS

For any questions contact: Postmaster@HBlueMachine.Com